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Mikrotik Router Distributor in Pakistan

MikroTik Ethernet Routers: Unleash the Power of Heavy-Duty Home Lab Routing
Take your home lab to the next level with MikroTik's cutting-edge Ethernet routers, designed for ultimate performance and versatility. Equipped with USB 3.0, 1G and 2.5G Ethernet, and a 10G SFP+ cage, these routers are perfect for demanding applications.
Maximize your rack space with the ability to mount four of these powerful routers in a single 1U rackmount, ideal for network engineers, IT professionals, and lab enthusiasts. Experience unparalleled routing capabilities and future-proof your home lab with MikroTik's Ethernet routers.
Key Features:
  • USB 3.0 for high-speed connectivity
  • 1G and 2.5G Ethernet for versatile networking
  • 10G SFP+ cage for fast and reliable fiber connections
  • Compact design for easy rackmounting (4 units in 1U)
Upgrade your home lab today with MikroTik's heavy-duty Ethernet routers